About Me...

Hi! My name is Belen, an Argentinean Mom full of passion! 

I have loved food and deco since I was a child. My mom is an amazing chef and eating at home was about fresh and delicious meals, but  it was also about setting the table with beautiful plates, silverware, candles, flowers... It was the perfect combination of  objects and tasty food!. 

I have worked in Marketing for several years and lived in different countries, but was after the birth of my first son, that I decided to be a stay home mom and follow my passion!. It was about designing deco objects, taking cooking classes, cake decorating classes, followed my sister to her art atelier ... 

No doubts, I was building something! 

Moved into a new city, while exploring the Southern culture, Atlanta felt like the right place to pursue my entrepreneur dream.  Definitely, every step along the way got me here! It  was time to start my own business : I am giving cooking classes, pastry catering, special events like empanada night , risotto night , and much more! When I am not cooking, I am designing a lamp or a cake stand or restoring a vintage furniture... what ever comes to my mind! I love to introduce flavors and techniques learnt along my path!! 

This is who I am today, Mom, home decorator, homemade chef!

Argentinean desserts / Empanada Party / Risotto Night / Cooking Classes

Home Decor / Home Obejects / Art & Craft Classes / Wood sign Painting / Upcycling Furniture


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